The Ship



Martha White is a 65 foot all wooden schooner fashioned after the “Bluenose” of Nova Scotia. After years of research and teenage model building and under the watchful eye of the Coast Guard, she was built as a back yard project. She is solely constructed (ribs and planks) from no longer available, 200 year old Long Leaf Yellow Pine and fastened with trunnels (4000 hand made locust pegs, with ends split, with 8000 wood wedges). With hardware and sails made in Lunenburg, she proudly glorifies her famous predecessor. Construction was a fourteen-year single-handed labor of love.

She was launched in 1973, sailed and lived aboard for another fourteen years, with wife and two daughters.

Her double gaff top mast rig includes a full inventory of twelve sails including a Jumbo, Reacher, Geneoa, FlyingYankee, Fisherman, Gollywobbler, and Storm Tri Sail.

Acquired recently by Bob Kay, Martha will sail out of Chestertown, where she will be used as a waterfront stage for playing Bluegrass Music with friends who love sailing and acoustic music.

Earl Williams of Gainesville, Florida, the original builder of the schooner passed away in the Spring of 2013.

Click Here for the history of the Martha White and construction details

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